Break Time: Justin Timberlake's new album cover features sexy optical illusion

Need a break? Check out these three random stories.

At first look, Justin Timberlake's new album cover may just look like a strange puzzle piece. But at second glance, it's very clear the singer has turned his face... into a naked lady, of course. We may never think of Justin's nose in the same way again. Click the video above to find out more.

Next, the latest viral cat trend is has hit the web, and it's called cat hairdo. It's where people take their innocent cats and turn them into furry hairstyles. Watch the video to see the cringe-worthy examples.

Finally, "Sesame Street" has gone from teaching us our ABCs and counting to teaching us about... incarceration. Yes, that's right. A new statement from Sesame said the muppets will be tackling the complicated emotions kids experience during "the incarceration of a loved one."