Brad Pitt talks 'Killing Them Softly,' family, design

Brad Pitt is best known for his acting resume and as half of Brangelina, but some of his biggest roles these days take place off screen, and outsie the tabloids.

While his fans are well aware he is starring in the upcoming film “Killing Them Softly,” they may not know he is also a constant star on the charity circuits, and lately he’s exploring other interests, including furniture design. But first and foremost, Pitt, 48, is a family man.

He had better be. He has six kids!

Pitt talked to FOX 411 about his multitasking existence, and what’s most important to him at this point in his busy life.

FOX 411: Where do you spend most of your time these days,. work or family?

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Brad Pitt: Most of the time is with the family. Most of the time, is all the time. When we work it's a very intensive chunk of time. We work for 12 hours a day, 14 hours a day is common. And we'll do that for a few months and then we get to relax a little bit.

FOX 411: You also have some side projects going on, designing furniture and things like that, how do these things come up?

Pitt: I’m almost 49 and I look at my kids and I feel I'm at the precipice of this job, like just kind of tipping over the other side. I'm very conscious of time I guess is what I want to say, and I want to be there as long as I can with my kids, and I also want to make sure I do all the things that are important to me.

FOX 411: How much fun do you have with roles like [in “Killing Them Softly”] where it’s the tough guy action part, especially that you’re the tough guy that knows what he’s doing?

Pitt: Always more fun. Always more fun. And to be the guy in the know too is a bit of a cheat isn't it… but he's the cleaner, he's the one who comes in to set things right and get the games going again."

FOX 411: The film was shot in New Orleans, what does that mean to you?

Pitt: It's a great feeling to be bringing work into there still especially. It's just that, it's a great feeling. It's a place I love very much, it's rich in culture and nice vibe but… to know we’re bringing some jobs in and getting to tell our story.

FOX 411: Is that something you do with a lot of your projects these days? The acting part you sign on when you like the project but, to be able to give back?

Pitt: It becomes part of it, I mean if we have this opportunity. We’re migratory in the sense we’re going to go where we can get the best deals but if you can also steer it… I’m thinking like Detroit market is a really good market to shoot in now.  Places that have been suffering have opened up their markets to get more film production in. You see what an influx of cash it is and jobs and even just pride for the city and it's a nice feeling is what I’m trying to say.

FOX 411: Is that something you've learned is kind of key in utilizing this attention that's on you which you seem kind of used to now but, if the cameras will instead of following you to dinner follow you to – a building site or a shelter?

Pitt: Yeah I learned a good decade ago that if I couldn't get out of the old spotlight, I could certainly bounce it in certain directions and… it’s given me peace with it.