Bob Saget’s "Full House" co-stars are breaking their silence following news of the star’s sudden death at age 65.

Saget’s longtime "Full House" co-star John Stamos was the first cast member to publicly comment on the actor’s unexpected death. 

Stamos played Jesse Katsopolis opposite Saget’s Danny Tanner for close to 200 episodes on the 1990s sitcom between 1987 and 1995. Shortly after the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Orlando, Florida confirmed the news of Saget’s death, the 58-year-old actor took to Twitter to share that he is "gutted" by the news that one of his best friends had died so suddenly. 

"I am broken. I am gutted. I am in complete and utter shock. I will never ever have another friend like him," Stamos wrote Sunday. "I love you so much Bobby."


Not long after, Candace Cameron Bure, who played Saget's on-screen daughter DJ Tanner, shared a similar tweet expressing her shock and sadness at losing a member of her TV family. 

"I don’t know what to say," she wrote along with a broken heart emoji. "I have no words. Bob was one of the best humans beings I’ve ever known in my life. I loved him so much."

Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen, who together played the tanner family's youngest daughter, Michelle, issued a joint statement to Fox News Digital about their on-screen dad's death as well. 

"Bob was the most loving, compassionate and generous man," the statement from the Olsen twins reads. "We are deeply saddened that he is no longer with us but know that he will continue to be by our side to guide us as gracefully as he always has. We are thinking of his daughters, wife and family and are sending our condolences."

Dave Coulier, who played Joey Gladstone on the show, was the next cast member from the sitcom to honor Saget. He took to social media late Sunday to share a photo of himself and his late co-star holding hands on a red carpet. 

"I'll never let go, brother. Love you," he captioned the post

Andrea Barber, who played the Tanner family's often unwelcome next-door neighbor and best friend of DJ, Kimmy Gibbler, took to Instagram to share a lengthy condolence to Saget as well. 

"This one hurts," she began the caption to a series of photos with the star and her other "Full House" cast members. "He had the biggest heart of anyone in Hollywood. He gave the biggest hugs. I am gutted that I will never be able to hug him again. Bob ended every text, every interaction with "Love you." Didn’t matter how long or short we’d been apart. He loved so deeply and so fiercely. And he never hesitated to tell you just how much you meant to him. This is the greatest lesson I learned from Bob Saget - don’t hesitate to tell people you love them. I feel at peace knowing that Bob knew exactly how much I adore him."

Barber concluded: "Rest well, my dear friend. I have no doubt you are making everyone in Heaven laugh until their cheeks hurt, just as you did here on Earth."


Lori Loughlin, who played Aunt Becky, issued a statement to Fox News Digital expressing how upset she is to say goodbye to her longtime co-star. 

"Words cannot begin to express how devastated I am," she said in a statement. "Bob was more than my friend; he was my family. I will miss his kind heart and quick wit. Thank you for a lifetime of wonderful memories and laughter. I love you, Bobby. "

Scott Weinger, who played Steve Hale, took to Twitter to write: "Bob Saget was more than a friend. He was a big brother to me. Nobody ever made me laugh harder, the kind of laughter where your ribs are sore the next day. He was also a wonderful human being who never missed a chance to say "I love you" to the people he cared about."

Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner, also took to Instagram on Monday to share a lengthy note eulogizing her on-screen father. 

Bob Saget's "Full House" co-stars shared their best memories of him following news of his death.  (Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

"There aren’t enough words to express what I’m feeling today. Nor are they big enough to capture even a slice of who he was," Sweetin began her statement on Instagram

She echoed Barber's sentiments on Saget, noting that they never "missed a chance to tell each other, ‘I love you’." She also explained that he helped her discover new music, comedians and much more that shaped her taste in pop culture. 

"The hundreds of inside jokes we all had, the kind that only a family knows and that nobody else will ever understand or think is funny. Notes sessions on the show, sitting and laughing all together at the kitchen table on set. He and Dave dancing together at my 13th Birthday party, being ridiculous, as usual. Spending weekends at his house with his daughters when I was young, and having blueberry pancakes," she wrote.


She continued: "Bob was a wonderful human being. A human being that could drive you nuts at times, and he knew it, but who was so genuine that you couldn’t even get that frustrated. Someone who would also call and profusely apologize for at LEAST 15 minutes if he thought he MAY have perhaps said something he shouldn’t have or thought maybe he took a joke too far. He was a genuinely kind spirit who made it through so much in his life, and was most happy when he was helping others."

The actress concluded her statement about Saget's death by dusting off her catchphrase from "Full House." 

"I’ll miss you Bob. I’ll make sure and tell an inappropriate joke at your funeral. In your honor. I know you would’ve wanted that," she said. "But you were supposed to be here longer… How Rude."

A tweet from law enforcement on Sunday stated that: "Earlier today, deputies were called to the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes for a call about an unresponsive man in a hotel room. The man was identified as Robert Saget & pronounced deceased on scene. Detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use in this case."

Bob Saget's ‘Full House’ co-star spoke out about his death

Bob Saget's ‘Full House’ co-star spoke out about his death. (ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

A spokesperson for the sheriff's office told Fox News Digital that deputies responded to a call at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando just after 4 p.m and found Saget unresponsive in a hotel room, and was pronounced dead on the scene. The Orange County Fire Rescue Department also responded to the call.

John Stamos was the first to speak out about the death of his ‘Full House’ co-star, Bob Saget.

John Stamos was the first to speak out about the death of his ‘Full House’ co-star, Bob Saget. (ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

No cause of death was immediately available. A spokesperson for the police said that the Medical Examiner’s Office will determine that at a later date. 


Saget rose to fame thanks to his role opposite Stamos and Dave Coulier in "Full House," where he played a widowed father of three young daughters who asks his brother-in-law and best friend to move into their house in San Francisco to help him raise the children without their mom present. The show was a massive success and remained popular decades after its conclusion. 

John Stamos stared opposite Bob Saget in almost 200 episodes of 'Full House.'

John Stamos stared opposite Bob Saget in almost 200 episodes of 'Full House.' (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)


In 2016, Saget briefly revived his role as Danny Tanner in the Netflix revival "Fuller House," which ran for five seasons on the streaming platform.