Blythe Danner: Even I don't understand my daughter Gwyneth Paltrow

Even Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom doesn’t fully understand the star’s much-maligned “conscious uncoupling” from rocker Chris Martin.

We spotted Blythe Danner at a VIP dinner for her Sundance film, “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” this week and asked how Paltrow was doing. “Wonderful,” she said, adding, “People make fun of this, um, what do they call it? What is that thing that they’ve been doing? Separating, but being?”

“Conscious uncoupling,” we reminded her, of the peculiar phrase that inspired endless think pieces and tweets since Paltrow announced the politically correct breakup in March.

“Yes,” Danner said, “but it’s called ‘conscious’ . . . not ‘conscious uncoupling.’ Conscious …” We assured her we were regrettably, but intimately, familiar with the phrase that was, as one national outlet put it, “mocked round the world.”

She gave up trying to recall the exact term and summed up the uncoupled couple: “They are so smart … both incredibly brilliant. They’re making it work, they’re great friends and the kids are in wonderful shape. So I have to take my hat off to both of them.”

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