'Battle of the Network Stars' returns with 100 celebs, including 'Love Boat,' 'CHiPs' and 'Brady Bunch' stars with Ronda Rousey as a coach

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The cast of ABC’s "Battle of the Network Stars" reboot has been announced, and Fox News visited the show’s top-secret Malibu set to interview some of the competitors.

ABC is bringing back the cult classic TV show that featured stars of all networks teaming up for various sports and games. Nostalgia will be in the air this summer as many of the celebrities are retro fan favorites. In fact, some of them competed on "BOTNS" the first time around.

The cast of celebrity competitors will include "Love Boat" stars Jill Whelan and Ted Lange, "Brady Bunch" actor Barry Williams, "Dallas" actress Charlene Tilton, Lorenzo Lamas, Mackenzie Phillips, Taye Diggs, Mischa Barton, Lou Ferrigno, Kevin Sorbo, Vivica A. Fox, Denise Richards, Tracey Gold, Anson Williams, Greg Evigan, Jimmie Walker, Jason Hervey, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, Jack and Kelly Osbourne, Marlee Matlin, Corbin Bernsen, Willie Aames, Danny Bonaduce, Fred Dryer, a "CHiPs" reunion of Eric Estrada and Larry Wilcox, Donna Mills, and "Beverly Hills 90210" stars Ian Ziering and Gabrielle Carteris.

Stars will compete in various themes, such as cops versus sitcoms and doctors versus famous TV families.

Ronda Rousey and retired Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware will act as coaches for the teams.

"Battle of the Network Stars" originally aired on ABC in 19 specials from 1976 to 1988.

Former host Howard Cosell died in 1995, but the yellow blazers are back — this time being worn by new co-hosts, ESPN's Mike Greenberg and Joe Tessitore.

New "BOTNS" executive producer Andrew Glassman told Fox News, "The focus is on stars that you love from over the years and the spirit of the original….creating that summer beach party that you really wanted to be invited to. That's what we're hoping to capture again.

"'Battle of the Network Stars' is like the ultimate TV time machine," Glassman said.

Glassman said the entire cast has been a blast to work with, and "when Ronda Rousey says this is how I want you to play it, people tend to listen…. This show predates her but….I explained to her this is about finding the athlete in everyone….She's been an incredible source of positive energy."

"BOTNS" has been pre-taped and will not be aired live.

Glassman said there has been no age advantage on "Battle" which "has produced close contests…. There are elements of strategy [and] finding that extra gear."

Fox News visited the Pepperdine University set to chat with the "TV moms and dads versus kids" episode stars.

Former "One Day At A Time" actress Mackenzie Phillips said, "I did this show like three times 35 years ago and it was so much fun and I have a competitive spirit but it doesn't really get activated unless I'm in this type of environment. So I got here and I'm like, 'Yes! Let's kick their asses! C'mon! We can do it! And that's exactly what happened years ago."

Phillips, who competed in swimming, archery, a relay race, and the infamous dunk tank, said she was on the set for an hour and a half before realizing she was actually part of the "TV Kids" team as she was a youngster while doing "One Day at A Time."

"Now I'm the age that I could play the parent," Phillips said.

Phillips remembered the last time around, "I beat ["Wonder Woman" star] Lynda Carter in the swimming, I beat Farrah Fawcett in a bicycle race, and I beat ["Welcome Back Kotter" star] Gabe Kaplan strike bowling. Now, it's kind of nice at [age] 57…all that life that I've lived, [to find out] where do I stack up? I feel particularly capable. It's cool."

Former "B.J. And the Bear" and "My Two Dads" star Greg Evigan is also returning to "Battle," and laughed to Fox News that there are photos online of him in a Speedo from the past edition.

"I heard some friends of mine were doing it," he said of the older stars. "Everybody was calling each other — 'What are you going to do? Are you going to do it? We gotta do what we did!' I talked to Mackenzie and I hadn't talked to Lou Ferrigno in 20 years.... In the old days, the competition was stiff. People were very serious about it."

Last time around, Evigan remembered, his network team won: "Bob Conrad was our coach."

During a break in the new competition, Evigan, 63, smiled, "I feel good but I've got a couple knee problems."

And "Good Times" TV icon Jimmie Walker, 69, told Fox News, "I've done every incarnation of this show. All they had to do was ask me."

"Battle of the Network Stars" will air for 10 episodes, beginning June 29 on ABC.