'Bachelorette' fans go nuclear when ABC interrupts show for historic Trump/Kim handshake

"Bachelorette" fans were sent into a panic ABC cut off the dating series to show viewers Trump's historic meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un on Monday night.

"If @ABCNetwork doesn't turn off this Trump and Kim Jong-Un  update and put The Bachelorette back on I'm going to be mildly upset for awhile," one Twitter user shared.

Many others were much less sanguine.

Another wrote, "Why does abc news think they can override the bachelorette for a live between Trump and Kim Jong-UN!???!??"

"Hey ABC? I don't care about Trump. I want to watch the Bachelorette," another chimed in.

"Millennial women just watched evening news for the first time in their adult life. @abcnews #theBachlorette," one user quipped.

"Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison attempted to keep viewers calm by suggesting they "breathe and drink another glass of wine."

The official Twitter for the reality series also let fans know they would be able to watch the episode "in its entirety" after "Special Report" but that was no help to viewers who had set their DVRs.

Viewers who were not watching in real time were even more disappointed when their recordings were cut off.

"Oh great, my DVR didn’t record all of The Bachelorette bc of the interruption," a viewer shared.

Someone else tweeted, "Who was sent home from the Bachelorette tonight? The US-North Korean summit cut into the show in my area at least and my DVR didn't record the 20 minutes the show lost. Thank you for your time!"

The preemption may have been especially jarring for ABC viewers, as the television network has moved away from news coverage in recent years. With the bulk of ABC's news programming — “Good Morning America”, “The View” and “20/20” — now largely infotainment, many viewers had come to expect ABC to be a safe space from the dangerous world.