Long before Charlie Sheen allegedly got violent with current wife Brooke Mueller, he established his penchant for physically hurting women by severely beating girlfriend Brittany Ashland.

Now Ashland's attorney has come forward to urge the Colorado District Attorney handling the current case to consider Sheen's history of violence against women while deciding whether to modify the protective order that separates Sheen from Mueller.

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Sheen and Mueller have both asked for the order to be modified. A judge put it in place after Sheen was arrested on two felonies and one misdemeanor on Christmas when Mueller called 911 and told cops that Sheen held a knife to her throat, choked her and threatened to kill her after she told him she wanted a divorce.

In 1996, Sheen was accused of viciously beating then-girlfriend Ashland. She charged he pulled her hair so hard she was slammed onto the marble floor of his home, knocked unconscious plus split her lip and needed seven stitches.

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She also said he forced her to strip and get rid of her bloody clothes and said he would kill her if she told anyone. Sheen eventually pled guilty to criminal charges and settled Ashland's civil suit.

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Ashland's attorney was Gloria Allred, who is speaking out now about the attempt to modify the protective order that separates Sheen from Mueller.

"I have grave concern for the current wife because of my client's (Brittany Ashland), allegations and the conviction," Allred told RadarOnline.com. "Given Mr. Sheen's history with women I would be concerned about modifying the protective order."

When asked if she had been in touch with the Aspen District Attorney handling the case, Allred said, "no comment."

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