Amy Schumer's ex Anthony Jeselnik: 'I am happy for her'

Could an end-of summer comedy tour rekindle the romance between Anthony Jeselnik and Amy Schumer?

The longtime lovebirds — broken up since before Schumer became Hollywood’s rom-com “it” girl — will hit the road together next month for the 18 city Oddball Fest.

“We’ll see how lucky she gets,” the “Last Comic Standing” host joked.

Jeselnik romanced the “Trainwreck” star from 2009 to 2011, while both were working their way up the ranks performing comedy clubs and celebrity roasts.

“There was good and bad like in any other relationship,” he told FOX411. “If it was great, we would still be together. But we figured it out. We are friends now. It’s good. She has got the romantic comedy market cornered. I am happy for her.”

Things are going well these days for Jeselnik as well. He’s found a new gig as host of NBC’s primetime comedy competition.

“They had asked a lot of people before they got to me,” he said. “So I felt kind of like I can do whatever I want because they don’t really have a plan B. I took advantage of that. I was like ‘I will do it — but I will do it my way.’”

He added bluntly, “Every other season of ‘Last Comic Standing’ has sucked except for this one.”

Jeselnik, 37, auditioned for the program (which Schumer later competed on) back in 2003.

“Actually my third time ever on stage was auditioning for ‘Last Comic Standing’ season one,” he recalled. “I had been doing standup for a month. The judges were nice to me, but they were like, ‘No. You are clearly green.’

“I wasn’t bad enough that they could make fun of me. And I wasn’t good enough that they would put me on TV.”

Jeselnik says he hopes to see the show become edgier in future seasons and bring back some of the less successful auditions.

“[Right now] it is high caliber and they are very nice,” he said. “They don’t want to show anyone being embarrassed.... They don’t want to see anyone doing badly and that to me is the most interesting part. They took out all the mean stuff. And that is my favorite part.”

To return for another season as host, “They would have to double my money,” he insisted.