American Idol's Jovany Barreto Made Jennifer López "Very Happy," but Randy Jackson, Not So Much

American Idol hopeful, Cuban contestant Jovany Barreto has made J.Lo “very happy.”
Barreto, 23, sang Edwin’s McCain song “I’ll Be” during his “Top 12 Boys Audition,” Tuesday night.

With emotion and grace the buffed up singer poured his heart out while performing the classic tune as American Idol judge, Puerto Rican superstar Jennifer López sang along with him, nodding her head in approval.

“I’m very happy right now,” López told Barreto in response to his performance. “I’m happy because people got to see you for the first time, really really see what you can do. And you know what? You did it!”

Aerosmith rock legend Steven Tyler agreed.

“Jovany, Holy shipward!” Exclaimed the rocker. “You brought it again! It was beautiful.”

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Nevertheless, music producer Randy Jackson had a less positive verdict, reminiscent of former judge Simon Cowell.

“For me it felt really karaoke,” Said Jackson as López’s stared in disbelief. “This is the problem with doing cover songs… you have to bring something new and different and unique to it or else it just sounds like the original but not nearly as good.”

López stood her ground, loudly arguing Jackson’s decision.

“I disagree. It was great!,” López said cutting Jackson off mid sentence. “A great first performance on a big stage and you should be very proud.”

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