Adele shares makeup-free pics

Adele is looking flawless.

The 28-year-old singer went without her signature winged liner for a series of makeup-free posts on her Instagram account, looking seriously blissful and relaxed in her downtime on the road.

In one post from her Denver, Colorado, tour stop, Adele was snapped unwinding in a pool, laughing her gorgeous face off.

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In another photo from Vancouver, British Columbia, Adele gazes into the distance with a glass of white wine in front of her and her beloved dog, Louie, perched at her side.

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In a sillier snap, Adele's locks are piled up in a topknot as she puts on her best serious face, pointing to a "Canucks Security" logo on her shirt. According to her caption, the photo appears to have been taken backstage at Rogers Arena, home of the NHL's Vancouver Canucks.

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