Connecticut co-ed punched boyfriend in face after breakup, police say

A Connecticut college student was arrested last week for allegedly beating up her boyfriend after he said he wanted to pull the plug on their relationship, police said.

Fairfield University student Kathryn A. Mahoney reportedly responded to the news of the breakup Thursday by allegedly punching her boyfriend in the face, the Fairfield Citizen reported.  

The boyfriend tried to calm down the 19-year-old by grabbing her shoulders before fleeing to a friend’s dorm room, the paper reported.

Mahoney, who was charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct, first delivered a blow to the boyfriend’s stomach before striking him in the face, police said.

The victim said he took himself to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for a bloody and swollen nose, the paper reported.

Mahoney’s bail was set at $1,500.