Customer leaves hateful message to Oklahoma waitress on check

An Oklahoma waitress said that a customer left her hateful words instead of a tip Monday night.

Taylor Stewart told KFOR-TV that she had been waiting tables at an IHOP in Enid for the last seven months and she’s been happy at the job. Stewart described herself as a people person.

However, earlier this week there was one incident that she couldn’t shake. She waited on a man and three kids on her double shift.

Stewart said that after their meal was finished she went back to check the table and found a huge mess and the $36 receipt with a message instead of a tip.

“When I went to pick up the check, I read it and I thought it said `gray is wrong`, and I went and showed my girlfriend, and she was like, 'what?' And she said it said `gay is wrong',” Stewart said. “I was just shocked. I was more shocked than hurt, but I mean it did hurt.”

She admitted to the station that she did get one thing wrong on the order and apologized to the family and didn’t expect the rude message.

She said the family rushed out of the restaurant after eating.

“I was like, 'Have a good night sir, you know, come back and see us,' and he didn't say anything,” Stewart said.

Stewart added that she believes in free speech, but hopes people will think before they write something hateful.

“If you don't like it. If you don't agree with it, that`s fine. That's your own opinion, but I mean just let people be who they are and don't say hurtful things,” Stewart said.

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