10 Sexy Stay-Put One Pieces

Run, jump and tumble with no worries!

  • 0424091024_M_1Hermanny450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: Hermanny calls this piece ZULU and it really gives us this "let's go to Africa" feel. Africa and Safari is a big trend this year and even when you wanna make sure you are covered on all ends, you don't wanna lose out on sexiness and trends. Plus black and white is always a stunner and gives the instant classy touch.

  • 0424091024_M_2Hermanny450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: Also Hermanny, but a very different direction - this serenade of color will stay put even on a jet ski, and you'll look fabulous enough to go straight from water action to the next beach party - just throw on a sarong or a skirt and a cute pair of sandals - done!

  • 0424091024_M_3gottex450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: You've gotta hand it to Gottex, they are perfectionist and simply know what most women want, not just coverage and style but extra body-improving effects. This one has a stunning classic design, while the soft cups give better cleavage and the tummy control provides the illusion that we didn't really just have that cheeseburger for lunch.

  • 0424091024_M_4gottex450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: Gottex titled this piece "Allure" for a reason. The wrap effect reminds me of a beautiful Diana von Furstenberg dress. The soft cups give this little extra support and shape, so one looks well put together and seductive.

  • 0424091024_M_5vitaminA450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: Vitamin A comes with exciting designs that make their one-pieces even sexier than a bikini. The golden detail serves as an accessory and the design has finesse while leaving enough to the imagination. The design ensures that even women with a C- or D-cup will feel comfortable when jumping around. Well done!

  • 0424091024_M_6Betsey450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: "What's new Pussycat?" is the perfect name for this great swimsuit by Betsy Johnson. I have a bit of a wild streak, so I am glad the animal trend that has taken 2009 by storm. Who wouldn't look ravishing in this one. I am woman, hear me roar!

  • 0424091024_M_7Hermanny450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: Hermanny really came up with the swimsuit equivalent of the little black dress here. Simple, beautiful and the slim belt gives it this little touch of Bond-girl cool. Camera rolling - action!

  • 0424091024_M_8peonie450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: Being well-covered while showing skin and style is a tough trick, but Peonie delivers it with the this dream in blue. The ring detail on the side might not look comfortable, but it is. Just make sure you buy the suit in the right size.

  • 0424091024_M_9Christian450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: Christian Audigier is creative and he understands what's on our mind these days: money! Plus, aren't we told all the time that money makes you sexy? So it might lift the spirit to wear some big bucks on your butt. This so-called monokini looks so sexy, it might actually be accepted as payment method when you show up in it at the beach tiki bar.

  • 0424091024_M_10red450.jpg
    Joanna Krupa: I want to finish with a big bang with this license to thrill. Red Carter calls this one "Rose Glam," and I can well imagine, on the right woman, this hip-hugging masterpiece can seriously contribute to global warming. So only wear it if you can live with that side effect. Oh, and, okay, this one might not stay put. But a little slip here and there isn't going to kill you! Until next time... happy beaching!