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    Election 2016

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    Nominee or not, why is Trump still smacking Republicans around?

    State Department official thought Clinton used personal email for 'family and friends'


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    Government study links cellphone radiation to cancer in rats

    Social media-based HIV testing finds new cases

    Is it OK to work out on an empty stomach?

    Nutritionists reveal the most misguided weight loss advice they've heard

    The Future of Tech

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    Injectable sponges used for first time to stop soldier's bleeding

    Tech project aims to create ‘virtual crime scenes’ for jurors

    End of permanent tattoos? Startup develops new high-tech ink


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    A nation of Peter Pans: We have created a country filled with perpetual children

    Any American who believes in the rule of law and fair play should be afraid, very afraid...

    It's time to eliminate the 'second prison' for 1 in 4 Americans

    THE MAN WHO SOLD THE RIGHT, PART THREE: Donald Trump and the assimilation of behavior

    Proud American

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    Gretchen's Take: Let's give our vets nothing but the best this Memorial Day weekend

    Regional News




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    Khloe Kardashian files for divorce from Lamar Odom again

    Jake Owen lands in the emergency room after bike accident

    Jennifer Esposito reportedly skips town amid $43 million lawsuit

    'Shield' actor claims he only meant to injure wife, not kill her


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    Air & Space

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    NASA struggles to inflate space 'bounce house'

    Digging History

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    Scientists make striking high-tech scan of prehistoric art

    Planet Earth

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    Feds: 2016 hurricane season in Pacific will be about average

    Wild Nature

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    School-bus-size giant squid may be lurking deep in the sea

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    Man vows to continue to stalk TV reporter when sentence expires

    Casey Anthony's lawyer admits she killed daughter Caylee, investigator says

    California kidnapping suspect killed in shootout with police, teen still missing

    US Navy investigating why 2 fighter jets crashed at high rate of speed


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    Election 2016

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    Nominee or not, why is Trump still smacking Republicans around?

    White House

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    Obama calls for reduction of nuclear stockpiles in historic Hiroshima visit


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    Obama admin set to transfer up to 24 more detainees from Gitmo

    Media Buzz

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    Dumping Debbie? Unnamed sources allowed to whack DNC chair in power struggle

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