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    Election 2016

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    Sanders closing Clinton's national polling lead, as NH votes


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    Scientists identify brain chemical linked to sigh

    Replace female genital mutilation with new rites of passage, UN chief says

    North Carolina teen with diabetes wins wrestling state championship

    Hospitals adopting 'gentle' procedures for C-section to make deliveries more like natural birth

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    NASA bans the word 'Jesus'

    What kind of America do Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders think we live in?

    New Hampshire will go down as the place where Hillary Clinton's campaign lost its way

    The Bible and science: The ultimate power couple


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    7 reasons why airlines can bump you

    Shamed breastfeeding mom calls out United

    How a cruise ship navigates a storm

    Are these the world’s dumbest tourists?


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    Brie Larson: I thought I was ‘unlovable’

    Will fans pay $10/month for YouTube Red originals?

    'Family Feud' contestant won't change answer

    Rachel McAdams awards shows are ‘really not glamorous’

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    Obama wants White House tech woes fixed for incoming President, starting with terrible Wi-Fi

    Google will begin showing anti-ISIS ads to counter terrorism

    More registered drone operators than registered planes, FAA says

    Apple now accepting your banged-up iPhone


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    Air & Space

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    Enormous beam found streaming from black hole in distant galaxy

    Digging History

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    Samurai Secrets: 1888 martial arts manual for cops revealed

    Planet Earth

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    The 'Late Antique Little Ice Age' shaped human history, scientists say

    Wild Nature

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    2015 sets record for most shark attacks, with 98 worldwide

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    Pro-choice group cries foul over Doritos commercial 'Ultrasound'

    Open carry in Texas 'much ado about nothing,' despite doomsayers' predictions

    World War II vet begins journey to reunite with wartime girlfriend

    Runner dies after starting 5-mile Krispy Kreme Challenge


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    White House

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    Senate report: Illegal immigrants benefited from up to $750M in ObamaCare subsidies


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    Pentagon confirms North Korea launched satellite into orbit

    Media Buzz

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    Iowa Democrats stonewalling on vote totals, but have released past numbers

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