Man pries open Steak 'n Shake drive-thru window to rant about undercooked burger

Seminole County deputies said a man was so angry over an undercooked burger that he pried open a drive-thru window to yell at the fast food employees who sold it to him.

Ronald Burns, 62, was arrested outside the Steak ‘n Shake off of Red Bug Lake Road in Oviedo, Saturday, and charged with assault and burglary.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bob Kealing said Burns became upset at the drive-thru of the restaurant, telling employees inside that his burger was undercooked.

Kealing said Burns was reportedly belligerent with the employees inside and actually had one worker in tears from the verbal abuse.

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Kealing said the store’s manager tried to intervene, but Burns continued to berate the employees, so the manager closed the drive-thru window in hopes of calming the situation.

"This man who's out in his car actually manages to pry open the drive-thru window,” Kealing said. "It's one thing to be upset about your order being messed up, but this is going way beyond that."

steak shake oviedo fla streetview

Burns allegedly pried open the drive-thru window at a Steak 'n Shake in Oviedo, Florida.  (Google Street View)

Authorities said the manager of the restaurant had to evacuate the drive-thru area until deputies arrived.

Kealing said a companion of Burns was also arrested for resisting arrest.

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