Sonic Drive-In employee fired for posing in restaurant ice machine

Fast food employees do a lot of silly things that may or may not get them in trouble.

But one worker at an Ohio Sonic Drive-In was canned for bragging about her exploits.

Earlier this week, officials at Middletown, Ohio’s health department saw a picture posted on Facebook of what appeared to be a woman fully immersed in a large ice machine at a Sonic on Dixie Highway, reports the Journal-News. The employee was fully dressed and had a smile on her face, said Carla Ealy, the department’s director of environmental services.

Ealy called the fast food employee’s behavior “ridiculous and crazy” but before the health department intervened, the Middletown manager allegedly self-reported the incident Monday. The manager told Ealy that all of the potentially tainted ice had been removed and the machine had been thoroughly sanitized.

A meeting was held with all staff members members where management retrained employees on the proper handling of ice and equipment .

 Sonic’s director of communications Kristin Davis told the Journal-News that the employee seen in the posted photo is no longer employed by the fast food chain and three other employees who participated in the incident were “disciplined accordingly.” According to the company, the ice the clothed emlploee touched was never served to Sonic customers.

The health department also inspected the ice machine earlier this week and confirmed that it been sanitized correctly. Ealy said she was still concerned by the incident.

Before the Facebook post was removed, it had received at least 56 comments and had been shared over 230 times.