Activist Chelsea Handler needs break from 'toxic news cycle,' will stay informed by watching Joy Reid

Three months after Chelsea Handler announced she will end her Netflix talk show, "Chelsea," after two seasons to focus on political activism, the ex-talk show host has had enough.

The former comedian wrote on Twitter that after spending a month on vacation, she needs a break from "this toxic news cycle."

"After a month of skiing and reflection, I was able to break from this toxic news cycle," Handler wrote on Tuesday.

The 42-year-old said she was overwhelmed by keeping up with the news and wants her "life back."

However, she added that she still plans on staying informed by watching her "favorite" news show with MSNBC's Joy Reid.

"I will still stay informed, and watch my favorite news shows @JoyAnnReid but I will no longer go to sleep or wake up with to the news. I want my life back."

MSNBC's Joy Reid has been the subject of various controversies lately. Just last week, Reid was forced to backtrack racially charged comments on a conservative commentary after they were mocked on Twitter by users across the political spectrum.

It all started when Reid responded to a piece written by David French that theorized a hypothetical nuclear attack on the heels of the false alarm that occurred in Hawaii last weekend. The conservative French noted that a "strike would devastate central Honolulu but leave many suburbs intact."

Reid apparently failed to read French’s actual story that was published in the National Review, instead opting for watered-down, misleading pickups that were published by Newsweek and Raw Story that focused on Trump supporters living in rural areas. The MSNBC host then twisted the already watered-down versions of the story to make it about race.

“We have truly entered the age of insanity when the conservative argument in favor of risking nuclear war is, ‘don't worry, it will only kill Democrats and minorities.’ Shame on you @DavidAFrench,’” Reid wrote.

French Reid Split

Joy Reid was forced to backtrack racially charged comments on a commentary from conservative writer David French.

Reid immediately was mocked across Twitter for her take. French responded himself, calling Reid's tweet "misleading and ridiculous."

Other recent controversies surrounding Reid include the MSNBC host referring to Trump supporters as "deplorables" and apologizing for old blog posts in which she made homophobic comments while speculating about the sexuality of former Florida governor Charlie Crist. She also said the Trump presidency is the "worst time to be a human" without mentioning things such as slavery, Black Death, or the Holocaust.

Fox News' Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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