Claudia Schiffer unveils her haunted mansion: 'All the ghosts in the house are really lovely'

Rob Lowe isn’t the only one who communicates with the dead.

Claudia Schiffer recently gave a tour of her haunted Tudor mansion in England to Architectural Digest. However, the supermodel insisted her ghostly neighbors are really, really friendly.

“We had a medium go around, and she told us that actually all the ghosts in the house are lovely,” the 46-year-old told the magazine for their September issue. “No one needs to be scared.”

However, Schiffer explained that when she and her husband, film director Matthew Vaughn, first saw the home, the decision to call it their own was a no-brainer.

“We basically knocked on the door and said, ‘We love this place,’” she said. “They [the previous owners] had no idea who we were or what we were doing there.”

Not only did the couple marry there soon after the purchase, but they currently reside in the mansion with their children: 14-year-old Caspar, 12-year-old Clementine, and 7-year-Cosima. In addition, their dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, and even a tortoise all call the British retreat home sweet home.

When it comes to Schiffer’s belief in ghosts, she’s in good company. Lowe, who recently admitted to reportedly seeing a “wood ape” while filming his new A&E series “The Lowe Files,” also confessed to speaking with spirits.

“There’s a device they use that the theory is it can translate… that the spirits can talk though this device, for a lack of a better term,” said the 53-year-old at the Television Critics Association press tour, as reported by Us Weekly.

“It said the dead woman’s name where she was murdered. Judge for yourself… I don’t want to seem like a nut. I don’t want to end my career here,” the actor jokingly added.