'The Bachelor' recap: Chris sends home surprising choice after overnight date week

It was down to three women on "The Bachelor" last night and the group finally left the States for overnight date week (or "fantasy suite" week) in Bali, Indonesia.

Bachelor Chris Soules took Kaitlyn to a temple and for a walk through a village before playing with some monkeys.

Kaitlyn told the cameras she was still hesitant to open up.

"In order to fall in love I have to take those deep feelings and talk about them with Chris," she said. "It's obviously something I struggle with."

She talked to Chris at dinner about having her guard up.

"I don't want to," Kaitlyn said. "I have this weird fear of loss from my last relationship."

This didn't seem to faze Chris.

"There's no question in my mind what Kaitlyn is here for," he said.

When the fantasy suite invitation came, Kaitlyn quickly accepted.

"I can't imagine saying no to this," she said. "I would love that."

Once in the suite, Kaitlyn finally told Chris she was falling in love with him.

"I'm falling in love with you as well," Chris said.

"Kaitlyn opened up in a big way and it feels great to hear her say she's falling in love with me," he later told the cameras. "It was not easy for her."

Whitney had the next date with Chris -- the pair went sailing in the Indian Ocean.

The fertility nurse from Chicago told the Bachelor she felt bad her sister didn't give Chris her approval to propose to Whitney during last week's hometown date.

"She had to take care of me," Whitney said, describing how their father left when the girls were young. "She grew up so fast. She feels like she needs to protect me."

Chris told the cameras that the sister's decision didn't affect him potentially proposing to Whitney.

"I think deep down when the time is right she'll give me her blessing," Chris said.

The two had to address another concern over dinner.

Chris said he thought Whitney's career was one of the most rewarding jobs and couldn't imagine giving it up. He asked her about how she would handle moving to his rural Iowa town.  

"Would I pick it on a map as somewhere I'd want to be?" she answered honestly. "Probably not."

Whitney added that although she worked hard to get where she is in her nursing career, she "always wanted to be a wife and to be a mom."

"In terms of my career, if I move to Arlington, I would leave that and I wouldn't have any hesitation about it because I know it's something I was meant to do," she said. "I would be ready to have babies. That would be my career. That's something I'm ready for. I firmly believe life takes you places and it's not where you are it's who you with."

Chris was thrilled with her answer.

"If things continue to go the way they have I can definitely see myself proposing to Whitney," he said.

Whitney also accepted the fantasy suite invitation.

Becca had the final date of the week -- she told the cameras she was nervous about telling Chris she is a virgin.

"I would love to spend time with you alone and have more time together," Becca responded to the fantasy suite invitation, carefully wording her response.

The two headed inside and had some champagne. Becca finally decided to break it to Chris.

"I have something very important to share with you," she said. "I need you to be very honest with your feelings about it.  I am a virgin."

Chris took a long pause before responding.

"It's never easy to respond to that," he said. "But I respect that in a lot of ways. I would be lying if I didn't say it surprises me."

Chris told Becca he was more interested in figuring out if the relationship is going to work.

"And that's what important to me," he said.

After the three overnight dates, Chris told host Chris Harrison that he had feelings for all three women, but Becca was the only one who had reservations about her feelings for him and moving to Iowa.

So, when he asked to speak to Becca privately at the beginning of the rose ceremony, Kaitlyn and Whitney thought for sure she was going home and Chris was pulling her aside to do it privately. 

However, after a quick chat where Becca reaffirmed her feelings for Chris, he walked back to the ceremony with Becca and sent fan-favorite Kaitlyn home without a rose.

Kaitlyn was shocked and didn't say a word as Chris walked her out. 

"This has been the most excruciating week," Chris said, as Kaitlyn held back tears. 

"I knew going into this week there would be no absolute decisions," he said. "I can see life with you and I meant that when I said it. There's no real right decision." 

"This is the most humiliating moment of my life," she told the cameras once she was in a car heading home. "I'm really confused. It really blows my mind. The whole reason of putting my guard up was to deflect this feeling I have now."

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