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PHOTOS: Hilaria Baldwin Really Hates Wearing Clothes While Doing Yoga


 (Instagram/Hilaria Baldwin)

Whether it be painting, poetry or dance, each and every one of us has a passion. Hilaria Baldwin's is doing yoga in public, often while wearing very little clothing.

As the weather gets hotter, so too has Hilaria Baldwin's Instagram account, with more and more photos of the yoga instructor practicing her craft in the near-nude. This isn't an entirely new phenomenon — Baldwin is somewhat known for her provocative posts — it's just that it's happening with more frequency these days.

For instance, here's Baldwin stretching herself into the anjeyerasana position on the deck of a boat, posted June 18th:

And here she is performing a variation of the vyungrasana pose, sharing the photo a day earlier on June 17th:

She put plenty of skin on display June 16th, too, and even felt the need to clarify in the caption that she was not, in fact, nude:

"Yes, I am wearing a bikini, and no I'm not actually driving this boat," she wrote, as that would have surely resulted in a literal boatload of casualties.

Even when she's not doing yoga, there's still a good chance we're going to see a lot of Hilaria in bikinis this summer. Look no further than her June 14th post for proof, in which she's merely relaxing on the floor with daughter Carmen:

Mind you, we're not complaining. If Hilaria's passion is public yoga, more power to her. We only we wish we were so passionate about something that we'd do it nude, on Instagram. And, you know, not get arrested for it.