Taylor Lautner, 19, was barely sixteen when he brought high school werewolf Jacob Black to life in the first "Twilight" film, and together with co-star Rob Pattinson, he spurred a movement that not only melts the hearts of teens and tweens, but throngs of middle-aged (and older) women.

The young actor even once told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column that he was "freaked out" by a 40-year-old woman trying desperately to take her pants off so he could autograph them.

But Lautner isn’t alone in his sentiments.

His co-star Elizabeth Reaser noted at "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" Comic Con press conference on Thursday that she is "weirded out" by much older women fawning over her male co-stars' bodies, particularly when Lautner was just a tender-aged teen.

"Taylor was just 16 and still a boy when much older ladies would be asking me about his body," she said. "It was just really inappropriate."

But fellow “Twilight” hunk Pattinson, now 25, was happy to share that he is not at all bothered by the avid attention he receives from the more "mature" fans.

"I'm not creeped out at all... To be creeped out by that would mean I was creeped out by mature women in general," he told FOX411's Pop Tarts column with a somewhat bashful, nervous laugh. "Different strokes for different folks I guess, whatever that means..."

And all was affirmed when a "mature" lady (with her kids in toe) spotted the private car carrying the stars immediately after the press appearance.

"Oh my god," she shrieked loudly to anyone that would listen. "That was Rob Pattinson!"