Steve Carell Quits 'The Office': Most Bittersweet TV Goodbye of All Time?

Steve Carrell (AP)

Steve Carrell (AP)

He didn’t get a pink slip, but Steve Carell has left "The Office."

After seven seasons, Carell departed the show on Thursday night as his character, Michael Scott, said goodbye to the staff at Dunder Mifflin. (Michael is moving to Colorado with Holly.)

Tearful viewers hopped on Twitter to share their sadness about Carell's sayonara.

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"Steve Carell last episode of The Office tonight. I'll miss you Michael Scott. Sniffle," tweeted "Criminal Minds" actress A.J. Cook.

And while Michael left Deangelo Vickers (played by Will Ferrell) in charge, rumor has it that Ferrell will not return after this season's finale.

But Carell is far from the first star to quit a still-popular TV show. From Shelley Long leaving "Cheers" to Anthony Edwards' character dying on "ER," let us know: What was the most bittersweet TV goodbye of all time?