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    The inauguration is why I love America

    Floyd Mayweather, Darren Blanton: It's time to really help America's inner cities

    Thank God for Barack Obama (he cleared the field for Donald Trump)

    Five lessons for Commander in Chief Donald Trump from the Iraq 'Surge'


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    London mayor issues health alert over air pollution

    Report: NYPD mental health training needs better utilization

    Former president Bush's breathing tube indicates severe pneumonia

    These are the 10 most stressful jobs of 2017

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    Michigan man arrested on 14th DUI charge

    Spectator killed during 1st stage of Monte Carlo rally race

    2017 Volvo S90 Test Drive

    Damning report suggests you'll never commute in Elio Motors' three-wheeler


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    Planet Earth

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    A new theory may finally explain fabled 'fairy circles'

    Digging History

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    Were Egyptian 'pot burials' a symbol of rebirth?

    Air & Space

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    Mud cracks on Mars suggest a watery ancient past

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    Fox News Poll: Views on Obamacare Shift

    Fox News Poll: A Divided, Yet Optimistic Country Awaits Trump

    National Popcorn Day: All Hail the Kettle Corn King

    Henry Kissinger: Russia Hack Should Be Addressed By Trump Administration

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    Jon Voight says 'America will be saved' by Trump at inaugural event

    WWE legend Shawn Michaels on how faith saved him from a 'very reckless lifestyle'

    'Homeland' takes a left turn? New season focuses on Muslim civil rights, female president-elect's CIA battles

    Universal Pictures cancels premiere of 'A Dog's Purpose'

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    DC's digital shield: Cybersecurity ramps up for Trump inauguration

    Real-deal robocop spotted patrolling streets of NYC

    5 of the hottest new rifles at SHOT Show


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    Inauguration Day weather forecast: gray and wet

    Ohio mother faces felony charge after live video shows son taped to wall

    Las Vegas casino company paying $7M to settle corrupt practices investigation