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    Chinese restaurant serves mini version of Lady Gaga’s meat dress

    Burger King manager arrested for throwing sauce at customer

    Nature Valley facing multiple lawsuits over deception labeling on 'natural' granola bars

    What's the real deal with the food at T.J. Maxx?


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    Cincinnati sees estimated 78 heroin overdoses in 2 days

    Athlete sells Rio medal to help 3-year-old with eye cancer

    A science-proven way to reduce teen drinking

    Who's really happier: Young people or older people?


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    Kimberley Strassel: Under Hillary, State and the Clinton Foundation were one seamless...

    National Dog Day: Could your rescue dog have rabies?

    Consumer Technology Association chief: Let's make manufacturing great again

    Grocery store boots Girl Scouts, Salvation Army

    Business Leaders

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    Sit. Stay. The Barking Business of Dog Walking

    Fed Head Yellen Keeps ETF Traders on Their Toes

    Nike: How A Crazy Idea Turned Into a Billion Dollar Business

    Shari Redstone Pushes for CBS-Viacom Merger, Moonves Undecided

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    Google is my lawyer: How a Canadian man used Street View to fight a speeding ticket

    Black dress undergoes dramatic transformation after artist submerges it in the Dead Sea

    Verizon is best carrier, report says

    Regional News




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    Miss Bollywood Priyanka Chopra takes on the FBI

    Kate Middleton and Prince William: 'We do face worries'

    Richard Branson shares bloody photos of high-speed bicycle crash injuries

    Joey Fatone's food kiosk causes panic, injuries at Orlando mall


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    US wants to force lower speeds on truck and bus drivers

    Cleanup crew finds classic car treasure

    Amazon Vehicles aims to take the confusion out of car shopping

    Want a HUD in your motorcycle helmet? Livemap survives where Skully crashed

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    Olympic champ Katie Ledecky wait-listed at D.C. swim club for years

    Candidates capitalize on the ever-powerful 'religious vote'

    Cops still searching for clues after two nuns found murdered in Mississippi home

    Suspect in 1983 murders may be living as a woman in Los Angeles, authorities say


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    White House

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    Obama sneaking in more Syrian refugees?


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    Parents of ISIS hostage: Obama never donated to daughter's charity, despite vow

    Media Buzz

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    Trump's immigration stance: Is it the total reversal claimed by the media?

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