Wife says body of slain journalist in Myanmar shows sign of torture

The body of a freelance journalist shot by Myanmar's army show signs that he was tortured before he died, the wife of the journalist said Thursday.

Ma Thandar said the body, which was exhumed Wednesday, had a broken skull, broken jaw and two penetration marks on the chest.

Myanmar started moving from a half-century of dictatorship to democracy three years ago, but the investigation into Aung Kyaw Naing's death adds to questions about how much the military has changed.

The reporter, also known as Ko Par Gyi, was detained by the military while covering clashes between the army and ethnic Karen rebels in Mon state in September. After his wife raised questions, the military said last week they shot him dead Oct. 4 as he tried to reach for a soldier's gun during an attempted escape.

Thandar, who is a prominent activist in Myanmar, said she, other activists and nearly 100 soldiers, police and government officials were present when the body was exhumed in Kyaikmaraw township, Mon state in southeastern Myanmar.

"I could not see the gunshot wound, but his face was not immediately recognizable because his jaws and tooth were broken and smashed which were indicative of torture," Thandar said.

She said the body was taken to the hospital for further examination, but initial marks showed the broken skull, two small penetration marks that looked to have been caused by a sharp object and not by gunshots. Several ribs and an ankle also appeared to have been broken, she said.

Thandar said the doctors will release the X-rays of the body later on Thursday, but it was not known when a full autopsy report will be available.