Wife of imprisoned Egyptian reporter for Al-Jazeera pleads for a foreign passport for him

The wife of an Egyptian journalist for Al-Jazeera imprisoned in Egypt is pleading for a foreign passport for her husband in hopes it could secure his freedom.

Jehan Rashed says she is also collecting a million-signature petition to push for Mohammed Baher's release.

She told The Associated Press on Thursday she is looking to any country that could provide Baher with a foreign nationality.

The plea came after Al-Jazeera's Peter Greste was released Sunday after spending 400 days behind bars with two of his colleagues and returned to Australia.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said this week that another member of the trio, Egyptian-Canadian Mohamed Fahmy, could be imminently released after renouncing his Egyptian nationality.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has the power to deport foreigners convicted or accused of crimes.