Venezuela to install 30,000 cameras to combat crime

Venezuela is installing 30,000 surveillance cameras to crack down on rampant crime, officials said Wednesday.

Most of the Chinese-made equipment will be put up in the capital Caracas. Some is already in place in a municipality within the Caracas metropolitan area as part of a pilot program.

"The goal is the installation of 30,000 security cameras nationwide, as well as other types of sensors that allow the collection of information in real time," Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez told reporters.

Venezuela is considered the most violent country in South America, with 16,000 murders recorded there last year. During the first quarter of this year, the figure stood at 3,400, according to official statistics.

The equipment, manufactured by Chinese company CEIEC, will be delivered to Venezuela under cooperation agreements agreed by Caracas and Beijing.

The information picked up by the devices will be made available to police for use in crime probes.