UK police release video of royal car attack

British police released Tuesday a video of a mob kicking and hitting a limo carrying Prince Charles and his wife during student protests last month, hoping to find witnesses and suspects in one of the worst royal security breaches in recent years.

The closed-circuit security camera video shows several people attacking the vintage Rolls-Royce after the car was forced to slow down during the violent central London demonstrations.

A young woman is shown hitting the Rolls-Royce twice, before picking up a trash can and throwing it at the back of one of the convoy cars, smashing its back window. Two other men wearing dark hooded tops, are also seen running along the royal car and hitting it.

Thousands of students took to the capital's streets on Dec. 9 to protest university tuition fee hikes. While the majority were contained by police near Parliament, breakaway groups ran to shopping areas near Regent Street, where they came upon the royal couple's car.

An Associated Press photograph captured the future king and his wife Camilla, who were dressed in evening wear and were on their way to a charity event at a theater, looking shocked as the rowdy crowd surrounded the car.

They were unharmed but appeared visibly shaken afterward.

Police said they hoped the video released Tuesday can help them trace witnesses and suspects believed to have broken the law.

British media reports said protesters at one point poked Camilla with a stick through an open or broken car window. Officials confirmed that "contact was made," but did not elaborate.

Critics have questioned the security measures for royals and how protesters could have gotten so close to the royal car. They have also criticized the choice of vehicle, which had large clear windows and wasn't bullet-proof.