Turkish Cypriots protest Turkey's 'unwanted' meddling

Several thousand Turkish Cypriots marched against what they say is Turkey's unwanted influence that has emboldened hard-right groups to try and silence opposing views. Protesters representing about 20 left-wing groups braved pouring rain Friday evening to voice their opposition to Turkey's agitation of 'fascist' and 'extremist' segments of their society.

The march comes four days after an attack against the offices of left-wing newspaper Afrika by supporters of Turkey's president over its criticism of Ankara's military offensive against a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria.

Afrika Editor-in-Chief Sener Levent accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of inciting supporters to vandalize the paper for saying the offensive was Ankara's attempt to occupy Syrian territory.

Protesters denounced a "fascist" attack on free speech that's alien to Turkish Cypriots' way of life.