Tsunami Warning for Japan Following Major Earthquake

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A 6.3-magnitude earthquake has struck the island of Okinawa off the coast of Japan, triggering Tsunami warnings.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has issued tsunami warning for islands near the quake's epicenter, which is about halfway between Okinawa and Taiwan. The maximum height for waves is expected to be about 1.5 feet from the quake, which JMA measured at 6.4 magnitude.

A preliminary analysis from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) shows that the earthquake was 22.3 miles (35.9 km) deep, a very shallow depth for a quake the JMA said. It struck about 70 miles east of the Ryukyu Islands -- about 1,170 miles southwest of Tokyo, but just 200 miles southwest of Okinawa.

The country's meteorological agency issued a tsunami warning for the Miyakojima and Yaeyama areas of the country, coastal areas on the southernmost part of Japan. Along with the Okinawa islands, they are the three major island chains that make up the country's Okinawa municipality.

The JMA estimated that the tsunami had already arrived, but did not cause any damage, though there may be slight sea level changes.

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