The Latest: Austria detains 22 migrants in smuggling case

The Latest on Europe's migrant crisis (all times local):

10:25 a.m.

Austrian police have detained 22 migrants from Bangladesh, Syria, Turkey and Pakistan on the border to Slovenia.

A police statement says the group ranges from 16 to 26 in age. Members say they were smuggled into Austria on a truck from Serbia after paying between 500 and 1,500 euros ($550-$1,700).

The police statement on Tuesday says Slovenia will be asked to take the group back.

The West Balkans migration route — which was formerly used by thousands of migrants daily to move from Serbia into Slovenia and then Austria — has been formally closed since early this year. But isolated cases of human smuggling continue along that path for those migrants still trying to move from Greece into Western Europe.


8:30 a.m.

A Roman Catholic diocese in Bavaria says it has ended a five-week protest at a church building by migrants from the Balkans.

Some 50 migrants started camping out at Regensburg Cathedral early last month, demanding the right to stay in Germany and protesting the Balkan nations' designation as safe countries. A few days later, most moved to a vicarage across town.

The Regensburg diocese said that, after three weeks, some of the migrants embarked on a hunger strike and later started threatening to kill themselves and their children. The diocese said it was "no longer responsible" to allow them to stay and demanded that they leave.

The diocese eventually stopped providing food. It said the last 16 people were persuaded to leave Monday by police.