Telenovela-Like Cheating Scandal Caught On Camera In Brazil

This real-life drama seems almost too good to be true.

Passers-by in Brazil caught on camera a seeming comedy act when a woman’s lover escaped out the window as her husband returned home.

The hilarious moment was caught on video showing a man struggling to escape from the third story of an apartment building.

As the video unfolds, the couple is seen arguing on their patio.

"Who shirt is this?" the husband demands in Portuguese according to the Daily Mail.

To which the wife responds by throwing the garment into the crowd that gathered in the street below.

Just as the argument begins to escalate, a man appears just off the side in the couple's window.

Wearing just some boxer briefs, the adulterer is angry but also quick-thinking.

Managing to create an escape route throwing a rope of tied together t-shirts, the man begins to repel down the side of the building.

As the man tries to evade being caught, the ever-growing crowd below taunts the husband, calling him a "Cornudo," a Portuguese word for a man being cheated on.

With the sidewalk observers all too happy to laugh at their expense, emergency workers arrive to help the half-naked man.

Amid chants to "JUMP!" the man bounces to safety onto the street thanks to a soft mat.

However, before leaving the scene of the crime, the jilted lover shook his fist at the woman and her husband before putting the closing curtain to the neighborhood play of the day.

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