Teenager Rescued From Turkey Quake Rubble After 91 Hours

Rescue teams on Thursday pulled a 19-year-old student out of the wreckage of Turkey's devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake after the teen spent 91 hours stuck in the rubble.

The teenager, named Mohammed, was rescued from the debris of a five-story building in the eastern town of Ercis, which took the full brunt of Sunday's quake, the NTV news channel reported.

The rescue came as authorities revealed the death toll from Sunday's quake had reached 523. A further 1,650 people were wounded.

A total of 185 people had been pulled out of the wreckage, officials said.

Search and rescue teams continue to work through the rubble, however recent snowfalls have hampered rescue efforts and brought misery to those left homeless by the quake.

Many families have been forced to sleep in overcrowded tents or even out in the open around fires as the temperatures drop to below freezing, AFP reported.

On Thursday, an Israeli plane carrying five prefabricated homes arrived in Ankara. The delivery came after the Turkish government reversed an earlier decision not to accept aid from abroad.