Suspected robber tracked down through selfie taken with victim, police say

A Northern California robber might want to put a little less effort into social media and a little more into understanding what constitutes evidence.

Police in Pacific Grove, California, say they arrested a man accused of armed robbery thanks to a Snapchat selfie he took with one of the victims.

KNTV reports Pacific Grove police arrested 18-year-old Victor Almanza-Martinez, of Castroville, and that they continue to search for two other suspects believed to have participated in the robbery.

Police say that Almanza-Martinez and the two others approached four victims on Wednesday at Lovers Point Park in this town of 15,000 near Monterey, and allegedly robbed them of their belongings, including a car.

The suspects fled in the stolen car, which is still missing. But before leaving, Almanza-Martinez and a female victim exchanged Snapchat information and posed for a selfie together. Police say the selfie helped them track down Almanza-Martinez.

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According to KNTV, Almanza-Martinez was also charged with kidnapping, possession of stolen property, conspiracy, violation of probation and gang enhancements. He is being held on $170,000 bail at the Monterey County Jail.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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