Somali militant commander killed by missile in suspected drone attack; militants blame US

A member of Somali rebel group al-Shabab says a senior commander has been killed by a missile fired by a suspected drone.

Abu Mohamed told The Associated Press the militant, Sahal Iskudhuq, was killed late Sunday when his car was hit by a missile in Somalia's Lower Shabelle region.

A Somali intelligence official confirmed the attack, describing the victim as a "dangerous" militant. His driver was also killed in the attack, the official said on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to reveal the information.

Mohamed blamed the attack on the U.S., which flies drones over Somalia that occasionally fire at one of al-Shabab's top leaders. Last October, a U.S. military strike hit a vehicle carrying senior members of the al-Qaida-linked group, killing its top explosives expert.