Russia frees on bail US captain of Greenpeace ship after 2 months in jail for Arctic protest

A Russian jail has freed on bail the U.S. captain and three crewmembers of a Greenpeace ship who were arrested following a protest in Arctic waters two months ago.

Peter Willcox was released along with Marco Weber of Switzerland, Anthony Perrett of the United Kingdom and Faiza Oulahsen of the Netherland, bringing the total number of those freed to 15 of the 30 detained.

Judges this week have granted bail to 26 people from the Greenpeace ship. Greenpeace lawyers are filing an appeal for the release of Australian Colin Russell, who was denied bail on Monday.

The rulings by judges in St. Petersburg could moderate the strong international criticism of Russia over the case. The activists still face charges of hooliganism, which carry a sentence of up to seven years.