Report: Man Victimized By Hit-And-Run Driver, Could Only Remember Her Breasts

Now that’s a major speed bump.

A man in San Francisco, who claims he was a hit-and-run victim by a road-raged female driver, told authorities he only remembered one distinctive detail about her: Her breasts.

British tabloid Metro UK News reported that police officers who responded to the accident are having a hard time solving the case, since they only have the description of the alleged suspect’s boobs to go on.

The man who filed the report says the buxom beauty struck his car earlier this week and immediately fled the scene.

The aloof conductor also told cops he could not recall the woman’s car license plate number or make of the vehicle, no matter how hard he tried.

“The victim was able to describe the suspect as having a low cut dress,’ said Park Station police officer Greg Corrales.

"[He was] able to give a detailed description of the suspect’s cleavage.”

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