Pope tells church's new 'princes': roll up your sleeves, be open to all, merciful, healing

Pope Francis has exhorted 20 new cardinals to reach out to all those who have been shunned, physically or spiritually, by the church or society.

Celebrating Mass in St. Peter's Basilica Sunday with those he installed as cardinals a day earlier, Francis told them that, together, their mission must be one of "welcoming," and of "rolling up our sleeves and not standing by and watching passively the suffering of the world."

He told the red-hatted "princes of the church," whose tasks include electing pontiffs, that "the way of the Church is not to condemn anyone for eternity." He urged them "to go out in search of those who are distant, those on the outskirts."

Elected pope in 2013, Francis has sought to make church hierarchy less judgmental.