Pope: May All Norwegians Reject Hatred

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI said Saturday he is praying for the victims of Norway's terror attacks and urging Norwegians to unite in a resolve to reject hatred.

The Vatican released the text of a condolence message the pope sent Saturday to Norway's King Harald V. In it, Benedict said he was "profoundly saddened" by the great loss of life caused by the "senseless violence" in the Oslo bombing and the following massacre at a youth camp on a nearby island that police say have left at least 92 dead.

The pope invoked God's peace on the dead and offered "fervent" prayers for the victims and their families.

Benedict also expressed hoped that Norwegians would be spiritually united during their national grief in a "determined resolve to reject the ways of hatred and conflict."

Earlier Saturday, the pope's envoy to Norway Archbishop Paul Tscherrig said Roman Catholics would be praying for the victims and remembering the dead at Sunday Mass.

Catholics are a minority among Christians in largely Lutheran Norway.