Police rescue toddler accidentally locked inside hot car by her 6-year-old brother

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LOGAN, Utah – Police body cam captured dramatic video showing an 18-month-old girl being rescued from a hot car where temperatures climbed to 100 degrees.

The girl was accidentally locked inside the car by her 6-year-old brother. Her mother couldn't get the toddler to open the door from the inside.

By the time police arrived, she had been inside the car for 15 minutes. The officer used a hammer to break a rear window and rescue the girl.

"The child was screaming and crying. She was sweating profusely, she looked to the point where she was getting endangered there," officer Matt Woods said.

Woods cut his fingers reaching through the jagged glass to pull the sobbing toddler to safety.

"Seeing her reaction, just panicking, I'd rather a window go than my daughter," said Alma Zamarripa, the girl's mother.

She was treated by paramedics and is going to be fine.

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