Pizza Delivery By Helicopter Drone? Dominos Introduces 'DomiCopter'

Your pizza delivered by a remote-controlled helicopter drone? It's not a reality (yet) but Domino's Pizza apparently wants you to think it could be.

A video posted on YouTube shows a drone called the DomiCopter from AeroSight, a United Kingdom-based drone specialist, delivering two Domino's pizzas to a "customer."

The video, made by a creative agency called T + Biscuits, had more than 75,000 views on Tuesday since it had been posted the day before.

&quotWe were looking at innovative ways to deliver pizza and thought, 'what is cooler than a flying pizza?'.. it turns out not much,&quot T + Biscuits says in the caption to the video.

The company says it has received emails from people who want to know when they can get their pizza delivered by the DomiCopter. The company's response?

&quotYou will have to just wait and see…. and then wait.&quot

Looks like T + Biscuits and Domino's have mastered the art of the marketing tease… and free publicity.

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