Philippine police seize $19 million worth of drugs

Philippine officials say police have seized some 180 kilograms (400 pounds) of high-grade methamphetamine worth 900 million pesos ($19.2 million) in a major haul for the government of new President Rodrigo Duterte, who has promised to wipe out crime and corruption within six months.

Albert Ignatius Ferro, head of the national police anti-illegal drugs group, said Monday that police and drug enforcement agents seized the methamphetamine hydrochloride at an abandoned farm in northern Cagayan province. Authorities are investigating whether it was smuggled into the Philippines by a foreign syndicate or was manufactured locally.

National police Chief Ronald dela Rosa said more than 100 armed drug dealers have been killed in gunbattles with police since last month and thousands of drug users have surrendered to authorities during the intensified anti-drug campaign.