Peters: Islamic State the most brutal force I've ever seen

A new video released by Vice News goes inside the Islamic State's deadly campaign in Iraq.

The video shows a young boy calling to "divide" America in two.

Appearing on "America's Newsroom" on Wednesday, retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters called the organization, formerly known as ISIS, a "death cult" and the "most brutal force" he's ever seen.

When asked by Martha MacCallum about the Obama administration's response to the situation, the Fox News strategic analyst said, "They are facing a cancer, and they want to just take a little bit, a little tiny bit of the tumor out. Then of course, the tumor spreads. By the time you get to major surgery, it may be too late."

Peters added that "the tumors don't get better on their own."

"ISIS isn't going to go away. The Islamic State's not going to collapse from within. We have got to respond now or the cancer spreads," he said.

So, is the U.S. in a third war in Iraq?

"I don't think the first Iraq War ever ended – Desert Storm," Peters said. "We didn't resolve it all then."