Nutritional supplement plant seeking to help Haiti's peanut farmers opens in heart of Haiti

The nonprofit group of public health pioneer Dr. Paul Farmer and a health care company have teamed up to open a factory to produce a nutritional supplement in the heart of Haiti.

The 18,000-square-foot plant in the Caribbean nation's Central Plateau is making "Nourimanba," which is used to treat children for severe malnutrition.

The main ingredient in Nourimanba is peanuts grown by Haitian farmers.

The first shipments produced at the facility have been distributed to clinics run by Farmer's Boston-based Partners In Health.

A pilot program will provide support for about 300 farmers to improve the quality and quantity of the peanut supply. This also seeks to increase farmers' incomes.

Partners In Health and health care company Abbott Laboratories Inc. and its foundation, the Abbott Fund, made the announcement Wednesday.