Notorious Belgian pastor, Andras Pandy, who killed 6 family members, dies in prison

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Belgian pastor Andras Pandy, convicted of murdering his two wives, two sons and two of his adopted daughters, has died in prison, where he was spending a life term.

Belgian prison administration said the 86-year-old died during the night of Sunday to Monday. They did not specify the cause.

Pandy's crimes, discovered in the 1990s, horrified Belgium. Pandy's daughter, with whom he had an incestuous relationship, was convicted of acting as his accomplice in five killings. The bodies of the victims were partially dismembered, and the remaining parts dissolved in acid.

Pandy, then 74, was found guilty of six murders and sent to prison for life. From his cell he continued to maintain his innocence, claiming the slain family members would reappear one day.