Nephews of Venezuela first lady arrested in Haiti for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs to US

People briefed by U.S. law enforcement say two nephews of Venezuelan first lady Cilia Flores have been arrested in Haiti trying to negotiate a deal to smuggle 800 kilograms of cocaine into the U.S.

Michael Vigil is the former head of international operations at the Drug Enforcement Administration. He says he was briefed by U.S. authorities about the undercover operation that resulted in Tuesday's arrest of Efrain Campos and Francisco Flores.

Vigil says the two traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on a private flight. Vigil says Campos claimed to be the son of Flores and stepson of President Nicolas Maduro.

It's unclear if the men remain in Haiti. Another person briefed on the case who spoke on condition of anonymity says the two will be arraigned Thursday in New York.