Muslim Teen in Ukraine Reportedly Stoned to Death, Though Police Deny Religious Motivation

A teenage woman possibly targeted by fellow Muslims was found stoned to death in a Ukraine forest after she took part in a beauty contest, the Daily Mail reported, though local police official deny that there was a religious motivation to the killing.

The 19-year-old woman was identified as Katya Koren, who was known for wearing "fashionable clothes" and who had been missing for a week. The Mail reported that Ukraine authorities think she was killed by three Muslim men who justified the killing by citing Shariah Law.

A 16-year-old was arrested, and the Mail reported he told police he had no regrets about the killing.

But Gauri van Gulik, an advocate at Human Rights Watch, said she received reports saying the killing was a random criminal act.

"We expect a full investigation into the matter," van Gulik told

And a local police official disputed the claim of Shariah Law, saying it appeared the killing was part an attempt to steal Koren's possessions, and that the suspect, Bilal Gaziyev, is a male classmate of the victim.