Mongolian general under investigation in attempted sale of fighters to North Korea

Mongolia's anti-corruption agency is investigating the recently resigned commander of the Mongolian air force for attempting to sell engines and other parts of old Russian-made jet fighters to North Korea.

Investigators this week confirmed the probe into Brigadier General Tojoon Dashdeleg. The deal to sell salvaged parts from about 20 disused MiG-21s dates from 2011. Investigators say they started looking into it after a North Korean envoy complained to Mongolian officials in November that Pyongyang had paid $1.5 million but never received the parts.

E. Amarbat of the anti-corruption agency says the general and two business partners have returned half the money but they still face harsh punishment.

The disputed deal highlights landlocked, democratic Mongolia's role as one of totalitarian, isolated North Korea's few conduits to the outside world.