Mom Arrested After Drinking Half a Pint of Vodka Before Picking Up Kid at School

A St. Paul woman has been charged with two counts of second-degree DWI after trying to pick up her daughter from Monroe Elementary School with a .30 blood-alcohol content, nearly four times the legal limit.

Police said Tina Marie Ramírez, 44, came to the school at 810 Palace Avenue in St. Paul on Friday, June 24, to pick up her daughter from art camp.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman's 8-year-old son told the principal something was wrong with his mother – specifically that she was “too drunk or high to drive.”

Police said the principal took the keys from Ramírez after the boy contacted him.

Police said the woman was visibly intoxicated, admitted to drinking half a pint of vodka, and then fell down after stepping out of her vehicle.

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Officers said they were unable to perform a field sobriety test because Ramírez was "fall down" drunk. More than an hour later, a Breathalyzer determined her blood-alcohol content.

Police say she has no prior history of drunken driving convictions, but the current charges are aggravated because she tried to drive with her young children in the car.

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